Issues concerning the Desire of a New World Order

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( On July 21, 2009 my car was impounded (not by police), but by the
Dutch IRS, for failing to hand-over trumped up tax charges which my
small business could have never earned, according to my filed tax
deductions. In addition the bank account of my small business has been
impounded by the IRS as well. An important part of my business
activities involves the use of my car. The impoundment of my car can
only be explained as an outrageous attempt by the IRS to shutdown my
business by force, without a valid and sane reason.
It can be compared to those EXACTIONS reported only to happen in former
overseas colonies like India and Indonesia. The difference being that
today such exactions have moved into Western Europe and America as well
, the home countries of these old style colonialists themselves. My
conclusion is that today the old style Colonialist has started to
devour his own home country and town, through abuse of power of IRS
officials and police. )
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Teutonic Knights in Battle Pope John Paul II Pope Benedict XVI Papal Arms of Pope Benedict XVI. The papal tiara was replaced with a bishop's mitre, and pallium of the Pope was added beneath the coat of arms.

The NWO : a Tarnung by Teutonic Knights?

Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 00:33:45 -0500
From: Eric Jon Phelps 
To: Robert M. Stockmann 
Subject: Re: a new conspiracy has been shown up
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Dear Robert,

Thank you for the thought regarding the Teutonic Knights. As you must
know, the German Teutonic Knights, with uniforms being identical in their
colors with Bavarian Roman Catholic Heinrich Himmler's SS, "Order of the
Death's Head" (black trimmed with silver), were the Pope's crusaders led
by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The Teutonic Knights always executed
the will of its master in Rome and were never anti-Rome, or truly
Protestant. Their rule was Augustinian; Himmler's rule was that of the

To assert that the German Teutonic Knights descended into the hands of
the Protestant Lutheran Prussians is a popish error. We must remember
that the Knights were formally disbanded by Napoleon, the Roman Catholic
Masonic Jesuit-advised Avenger for the Order, in 1806; they were then
revived under the name of the New Templars by occult Freemason George
Lanz in 1912, that former Roman Catholic priest who met Hitler at Lambach
Abbey when Hitler was a boy; the priest who openly left the priesthood,
openly became a Lutheran, openly turned anti-Jesuit, yet remaining a
Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor in accordance with the bloody Jesuit Oath.

After the death of Freemason List, Freemason Lanz was the immediate
influence upon both Hitler and Himmler, those Roman Catholic Jesuit
Temporal Coadjutors who destroyed Protestant Prussia via their
connections with Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin and his Jesuit-ruled
"headhunters," the NKVD. Yes, the head of the NKVD and also a Lubyanka
General was the Jesuit, who aided Stalin in the murder of his (the
Jesuit's) Jewish wife, Alexander N. Poskrebyshev.

The Order then carried out the designs of Lanz with regard to the Jews of
Europe and Western Russia, along with the mass-murder of 20 million
"heretic" Orthodox Russian Christians---aided by Stalin himself. After
the war Himmler and his Teutonic Knights were saved by Allied
Intelligence---the British SIS and the American OSS, both led by the
Knights of Malta---via Pope Pius XII's Vatican Ratlines.

Meanwhile, the apostate Lutheran morphine drug addict and non-member of
the Teutonic SS, Prussian Herman Goering, paid with his life for
resisting Hitler's all-powerful Jesuit secretary, Martin Bormann. But
the obedient ex-Lutheran Bormann, disguised as a Jesuit, escaped to South
America via Bishop Hudal's Ratline. His, Adolf Martin, son became a
Jesuit "missionary" to the Congo.

In conclusion, the Jesuit Order rules the Papacy; it rules all secret
societies especially the Luciferian Masonic orders. It ruled Himmler and
his Teutonic Knights of the SS. Today, it rules the Knights of Malta
governing the CIA to the end that the NWO will be centered in that
Antichrist in Rome---the Pope who pretends to be Jesus Christ in the
flesh, the priest of Jerusalem---Melchisedec. To this no Bible-believing
Protestant or Baptist Calvinist would ever submit.

I trust this is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

The Iron Curtain Over America, By John Beaty, First Printing, December, 1951, Eleventh Printing April 1954

The Iron Curtain Over America

To get a good understanding about who the Teutonic Knights actually were since the early mideaval ages, checkout Chapter I "The Teutonic Knights and Germany" inside John Beaty's "Iron Curtain Over America". In short, throughout history, the German Teutonic Knights were the only Chivalric Order who could withstand the Pagan Barbarian's from far east Europe, preventing Germany and other European nation states falling down into a Sodom and Gomorrah alike "Civilization".

The author of The Iron Curtain Over America has written, or collaborated on, a dozen books. His texts have been used in more than seven hundred colleges and universities, and his historical novel, Swords in the Dawn, published originally in New York, had London and Australian editions, and was adopted for state-wide use in the public schools of Texas. His education (M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., Columbia University; post-graduate study, University of Montpellier, France), his travel in Europe and Asia, and his five years with the Military Intelligence Service in World War II rounded out the background for the reading and research (1946-1951) which resulted in "The Iron Curtain Over America".

The Pope [Urban II, at Clermont, France, on November 26, 1095] crossed 
the Alps from schism-torn Italy and, Frenchman himself, stirred the 
people of France as he rode among them. In the chapel at Clermont, he 
first swayed the men of the church who had answered his summons to the 
meeting; then, surrounded by cardinals and mail-clad knights on a 
golden-canopied platform in a field by the church, he addressed the 

    You are girded knights, but you are arrogant with pride. You 
    turn upon your brothers with fury, cutting down one the other. 
    Is this the service of Christ? ... Come forward to the defense 
    of Christ.

The great Pope gave his eager audience some pertinent and inspiring 
texts from the recorded words of Jesus Christ:

    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there 
    am I in the midst of them.
      (The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter XVIII, Verse 20)

    And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or 
    sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, 
    for my namees sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall 
    inherit everlasting life.
      (Saint Matthew, Chapter XIX, Verse 29)

To the words of the Saviour, the Pope added his own specific promise:

    Set forth then upon the way to the Holy Sepulcher ... and fear 
    not. Your possessions here will be safeguarded, and you will 
    despoil the enemy of greater treasures. Do not fear death, where 
    Christ laid down His life for you. If any should lose their 
    lives, even on the way thither, by sea or land, or in strife 
    with the pagans, their sins will be requited them. I grant this 
    to all who go, by the power vested in me by God.
      (Harold Lamb, op. cit., p. 42).

Through the long winter, men scanned their supplies, hammered out 
weapons and armor, and dreamed dreams of their holy mission. In the 
summer that followed, they "started out on what they called the voyage 
of God" (Harold Lamb, op. cit., p. VII) As they faced East they shouted 
on plains and in mountain valleys, "God wills it."

[ ... ]

   The third body of medieval military-religious Crusaders was the 
Knighthood of the Teutonic Order. This organization was founded as a 
hospital in the winter of 1190-91 -- according to tradition, on a small 
ship which had been pulled ashore near Acre.  Its services came to be 
so highly regarded that in March, 1198, "the great men of the army and 
the [Latin] Kingdom raised the brethren of the German Hospital of St. 
Mary to the rank of an Order of Knights" (Encyc. Brit., Vol. XXI, pp. 
983-984). Soon, however, the Order found that "its true work lay on the 
Eastern frontiers of Germany" (Encyc. Brit., Vol. XXI, p. 894). Invited 
by a Christian Polish Prince (1226) to help against the still 
unconverted Prussians, a body of knights sailed down the Vistula 
establishing blockhouses and pushed eastward to found Koenigsburg in 
1255. In 1274, a castle was established at Marienburg and in 1309 the 
headquarters of the Grand Master was transferred (Encyc. Brit., Vol. 
XIV, p. 886) from Venice to this remote border city on the Nojat River, 
an eastern outlet of the Vistula (The Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia to 
1786, by Sidney Bradshaw Fay, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1937).

    It was to the Teutonic Order that the Knight of Chaucers famous 
Canterbury Tales belonged (Sections from Chaucer, edited by Clarence 
Griffin Child, D. C. Heath & Co., Boston, 1912, p. 150). Chauceras 
lines (prologue to the Canterbury Tales, II., 52- 53):

    Ful ofte tyme he hadde the bord bigonne
    Aboven alle naciouns in Pruce

tell us that this Knight occupied the seat of Grand Master, presumably 
at the capital, Marienburg, and presided over Knights from the various 
nations assembled in "Puce" (Prussia) to hold the pagan East at bay. In 
his military-religious capacity Chaucer's Knight "fought for our faith" 
in fifteen battles, including those in Lithuania and in Russia 
(Prologue, II., 54-63).
   The Teutonic Knights soon drove eastward, or converted to Christianity, 
the sparsely settled native Prussian people, and assumed sovereignty 
over East Prussia. They encouraged the immigration of German families 
of farmers and artisans, and their domain on the south shore of the 
Baltic became a self-contained German state, outside the Holy Roman 
Empire. The boundaries varied, at one time reaching the Gulf of Finland 
(see Historical Atlas, by William R. Shepherd, Henry Holt and Company, 
New York, 1911, maps 77, 79, 87, 99, 119). "The hundred years from 1309 
to 1409 were the Golden Age of the Teutonic Knights.  Young nobles from 
all over Europe found no greater honor than to come out and fight under 
their banner and be knighted by their Grand Master" (Fay, op. cit., pp. 
32-33). As the years passed, the function of the Teutonic Knights as 
defenders, or potential defenders, of the Christian West remained 

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