Judge-Accusers, labeled "Domestic Terrorists",
 Facing Unlimited Jailing

by Sherman H. Skolnick, co-host


Participants and activists of a Chicago-headquartered court-reform group face seizure of their properties, assets, goods, licenses, and records, and being stripped of their citizenship and making them detainees without time limits and without trials and without right to consult attorneys. 


This stems from recent secret meetings of federal judges chaired in person or via teleconferencing by Antonin Scalia, an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The judges asked for and received from George W. Bush, an order signed by proxy Karl Rove, designating certain persons linked to the court-reform group, as "domestic terrorists" during a "war emergency". 


For the benefit and protection of the Judges, Bush invoked certain provisions of the "Patriot Acts" authorizing the occupant and resident of the White House, actually or in effect, to strip such U.S.-born persons of their citizenship rights, privileges, and immunities, and to detain them without time limit and without trial. Such laws forbid the courts to have jurisdiction to hear and consider any challenges whatsoever to the procedures.


Shortly before Bush nominated him to be the new Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, second highest court in the nation, participated in ruling that the Laws and procedures were not unconstitutional and are not subject to Court challenge. Some believe it may apply to U.S.-born persons. A consequence, among other things, is that petitions to the courts for Habeas Corpus in such matters are not permitted, but are suspended and inoperative, whether submitted from captivity by the detainees themselves, or by lawyers, or by family members, friends, or associates of the detainees.


Those judge-accusers who may somehow be subject to these measures, are all born in the U.S. and are citizens of their respective States and according to current lingo, are "Citizens of the United States", whether that is technically correct or not.


The following events summarize what brought this on. The Bush designated "domestic terrorists" are mentioned in caps.


1. The Coca-Cola matter.


By a series of circumstances, a graphics designer, Robert E. Kolody, working for a marketing firm linked to Coca-Cola Company, obtained the Coca-Cola copyright, while the soda pop firm, unknown at the time to him, had failed to renew their 28-year copyright. That he owns such valuable copyright is confirmed by a Copyright Office document, signed by their topmost official.


To enforce his rights, he brought a civil action against Coke in Chicago Federal District Court. The suit was assigned to a judge whose judgeship was purchased for her for one million dollars by a known gangster owner of numerous gambling casinos. As shown by the undisputed court records, that Judge committed numerous judicial perjuries and perpetrated frauds upon her own court, by the judge herself obstructing justice in Kolody's case.


In the Coke case, a sworn court witness against the Judge, was SHERMAN H. SKOLNICK, since 1963, Founder/Chairman of the Citizen's Committee To Clean Up the Courts. Since childhood, Mr. Skolnick is a paraplegic from polio, and uses a wheelchair.


Kolody's chosen attorney was from Arkansas. Local court rules require a local resident attorney to also participate. Kolody trusted and confided in that local attorney for some ten prior years.


In the presence of Kolody and that out-of-town attorney, Skolnick in the courthouse cafeteria interviewed that local attorney who admitted he permitted Coca-Cola and their attorneys to spy on Kolody's confidential legal strategies. The confession was that the local attorney's sister has been media buyer for Coca-Cola, playing an instrumental part in their over one billion dollar per year advertising budget. Before that Coke media buyer could be subpoenaed, she fled the United States for Ireland. Her firm, DDB Chicago, strangely represented both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. Unknown to most, Coke and Pepsi are owned by the same financial biggies. 


Despite all this being in the court record, and not disputed, the judge arbitrarily refused a remedy to Kolody who took an appeal. In the Chicago-based Federal Appeals Court, all fourteen judges there in active service, sitting together, called en banc, made an unsigned Order blocking the appeal from proceeding while citing no reason, rule, or statute.


This occurred shortly after a Five-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, spear-headed by Justice Antonin Scalia, arbitrarily and corruptly installed George W. Bush as the Occupant and Resident of the Oval Office.


The fourteen federal appeals judges were quite aware that Coca-Cola and Disney's secret funds were used to bribe and corrupt the Five-Judge U.S. Supreme Court majority that in December, 2000, installed Bush in the Oval Office, in Bush versus Gore.


Thereafter, to try to unblock the appeal, Kolody retained a very brilliant lawyer from Utah, who has also been a college professor, PAUL YOUNG. That attorney was not successful in getting the appeal to proceed which would have obviously implicated the fourteen appeals judges in obstructions of justice to assist Scalia and four others on the High Court to hush up the Coke/Disney bribery in Bush vs. Gore.


To put Paul Young out of action, a prosecutor and Judge in Utah framed up Paul Young on phony criminal charges.


Thereafter, representing himself, Kolody sent in documents to the Chief Clerk of the federal appeals Court including the accusations of Coke moneys used to corrupt the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Having what is known in law as purely ministerial functions, the Chief Clerk nevertheless unlawfully assigned to himself judicial functions and said the Kolody documents were not wanted in the courthouse. Kolody again sent the documents by Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, as before. Same answer with the second package likewise came back to him. 


Each of the nine Judges on the U.S. Supreme Court has two separate functions. First, of course, each is a Judge on the High Court. Second, each is a Supervising Circuit Justice of one or more federal circuits of appeals courts.


Appeals from the U.S. District Courts in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana go to the Chicago-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the Supervising Circuit Justice of which is John Paul Stevens.


Kolody's papers, accusing the fourteen appeals judges and five on the High Court in D.C. of corruption, are similar to those used by Skolnick in 1969 to accuse most of the seven judges on the Illinois State Supreme Court of bribery.


A Special Tribunal was set up to hear Skolnick's 1969 bribery accusations. Self-educated in law but not a member of the Bar, Skolnick nevertheless wished to present his own details. A prominent Chicago lawyer was appointed to represent Skolnick, namely John Paul Stevens. In the beginning, Skolnick was suspicious of a whitewash but while sitting near Stevens and passing him handwritten notes, Skolnick became convinced of Stevens' sincerity.


As a result of the Report of the Special Tribunal, based on Skolnick's accusations, the Chief Judge and an Associate Judge of the Illinois Supreme Court resigned. A third accused high court judge, accused by Skolnick, died while under fire. A fourth Illinois Supreme Court Judge, also accused by Skolnick, escaped.


As a result lawyer Stevens and Skolnick became widely acclaimed. Eventually, Stevens was appointed to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. A book on the biggest judicial bribery mess up to that time in U.S. history, that of 1969, was the subject of a 2002 book by law professor Kenneth A. Manaster, called "Illinois Justice". In 1969, Manaster was a law student volunteer assisting Stevens in presenting Skolnick's bribery charges. On the cover is a picture of Stevens talking to Skolnick. Stevens wrote a Foreword having kind words for Skolnick, a rarity among judges generally aggrieved by the judge-buster.


2. Bush versus Gore. The U.S. Supreme Court decision, December, 2000, installing George W. Bush as the Occupant and Resident of the Oval Office, became known to the fourteen judges on the Chicago Federal Appeals Court, as requiring a cover-up which they arranged by blocking an appeal in Kolody vs. Coca-Cola; that the Bush vs. Gore decision was corruptly and arbitrarily procured through secret use of funds, obtained by book-cooking, from Coca-Cola and also Disney. Many of Coke's overseas offices are in great part proprietary operations of the American CIA.


The Five Judge High Court majority, ruling for Bush, had as its leader Justice Antonin Scalia. The four judges opposing installing Bush, had as its principal, Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote the most blistering dissenting opinion in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court.


The Bush vs. Gore case was propelled into the High Court in D.C. through massive corruption in Florida whose deciding Electoral rather than Popular Vote was needed to clinch the Presidential Election. Nationwide, Gore had a plurality in the Popular Vote of 600,000 more than Bush. To cause Gore to lose the Electoral Vote of his Home State as well, 325,000 ballots were stolen primarily in Tennessee districts which traditionally had large numbers of Democrat voters.


Top officials of southern Florida Democrats were needed to stop the crucial recount there of the Gore ballots. A bribery committee was clandestinely formed to buy certain Democrats to stab Gore in the back, ostensibly consisting of the following among others using heavy millions of dollars:


===James A. Baker 3rd, once cabinet member in the Daddy Bush White House;


===Mark R. Filip, who had been law clerk to High Court Justice Antonin Scalia; later, Filip was a partner in the mammoth law firm Skadden Arps specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions piracy and other dirty billion dollar business somewhat similar to that of convicted major M & A swindler Michael Milken.


The Bush side of the U.S. Supreme Court proceedings of Bush vs. Gore was presented by Theodore B. Olson, a reputed "court bagman" Chicago and District of Columbia. At the time, Olson was a law partner of Eugene Scalia, son of Justice Antonin Scalia. Olson was and is part of a highly entangled circle of court fixers and corrupters that included Filip and Baker and although secret, were well known by the fourteen Chicago federal appeals judges together with those in the Bankruptcy and District Court in the Windy City as well as being known by the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Olson later had extreme blackmail "muscle" as a result of 9-11 and the mystery of what happened to his estranged wife, Barbara Olson. Why do some continue to contend that it was not an Arab hi-jacked plane with Barbara Olson onboard that hit the Pentagon?


After the Inauguration of Bush instead of Gore, Olson was appointed U.S. Solicitor General. In that capacity he intentionally perverted a High Court case so that Disney's copyrights would be extended a huge 75 years, awarding Mickey Mouse a block of cheese-gold worth many billions.


Related to the Coke/Disney corruption of the High Court "Gang of Five" in Bush vs. Gore, was a box of documents sent by Kolody via Registered Mail, Insured, Return Receipt Requested, to Supervising Seventh Circuit Justice John Paul Stevens. Homeland Security and the FBI blocked delivery for reasons of "National Security". Prior to his mysterious demise where foul play is suspected, Kolody informed those implicated in the package blockage that it is illegal and constitutes actionable offenses.


In the Coca-Cola headquarters town of Atlanta, the Chief Federal Prosecutor there, while consulting with Kolody, was preparing federal grand jury inquiries for the purpose of seeking federal criminal indictments against most of Coke's top management, accusing them of massive book-cooking. Most of Coke's brass had already resigned.


When the Chief Prosecutor discovered that the falsified Coke records were in greater part to conceal Coke funds used to corrupt the Five Judge High Court majority in Bush vs. Gore, he quickly chickened out, settling the matters without further probing. The incriminating records presumably have been shredded and the book-cooking affair is in oblivion.


Among other things, the falsified Coke records related, in part, to Coke funds secretly financing some of the team of seventy or more American CIA overseas penetration agents headed by deep covert CIA official Valerie Plame. The outing of Plame is now the subject of Federal Criminal Indictments as the CIA leak matters,


3. Pepsi-Cola matter. Sole owner of a small beverage firm is ROBERT J. CORR of Blue Island, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Corr brought in the Chicago Federal District Court a suit for damages against Pepsi and one of their units. Corr contended that the unit violated his trade mark and violated the provisions of a contract he had with them. The case was on the docket of District Judge John W. Darrah [(312) 435-5619 ].


As a member of Skolnick's court reform group, Corr used a type of court pleading created by Skolnick to directly accuse a Judge to their face of corruption. By Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Corr filed, to be presented in Court, a "Motion To Purge The Record of Certain Judgments, Orders, and Rulings procured by Obstructions of Justice and Fraud Upon His Own Court Perpetrated By Judge John W. Darrah Himself".


Among other things, Corr accused Judge Darrah:


(a) Judge Darrah sought to cover up that Pepsi and their attorneys instigated and procured the burglary of Corr's office. Taken and delivered to Pepsi's attorneys were Corr's original personal records needed by Corr to timely renew his Trade Mark registration. Resulting in others applying for and getting Corr's valuable Trade Mark.


(b) Pepsi thus had possession of Corr's original personal and confidential notes for himself and Corr's attorney of Corr's legal strategy to pursue in court Pepsi and their unit and how Corr intended to proceed to combat Pepsi and their lawyers.


(c) Corr's personal sales methods secrets; his future sales campaign plans.


(d) Corr's personal trade secrets. such as original contracts he has with various others.


(e) A copy of settlement agreement with Coca-Cola, which Corr agreed to keep secret and if divulged by Corr subjects him to penalties.


(f) Corr's personal records not subject to being by discovery rules disclosed to Pepsi because of Corr's attorney-client privilege.  


(g) Corr's original records and books needed for a court trial, since originals are more effective to convince a jury than machine copies.


Corr contended that Judge Darrah was proceeding to financially benefit Pepsi and their attorneys while the Judge was operating under a "malign if not corrupt influence". To block Corr from a remedy, Judge Darrah cut short Corr's attorney's questioning of Pepsi and their attorneys as to the burglary. Pepsi's attorneys admitted they had Corr's originals,  records, documents, and books, yet they refused to return the same to Corr. After the burglary, Pepsi's attorneys caused to be issued a phoney back-dated subpoena to try to cover up that they had instigated the burglary. Without considering or hearing Corr's evidence, and without full pre-trial Discovery and a trial, Judge Darrah put Corr out of Court. 


Pepsi's attorneys threatened the partners or boss of James Kurtz, Corr's lawyer since Kurtz was more of an employee than a law partner. Result was that Kurtz who had non-lawyer business subject to financial reprisals by Pepsi, had to drop Corr's case. Corr rented a vehicle to move out of Kurtz's office many boxes of Corr's court records. Strong-armed by Pepsi, Kurtz's bosses refused to permit the necessary removal of many other boxes of Corr's records from Kurtz's vacated office. Under mounting terrible pressures, Kurtz dropped dead.


In court when Corr began to complain to Judge Darrah of these illegal happenings condoned by the judge, Darrah began to threaten Corr to be silent.


It is a fundamental principle of Anglo-Saxon Law, that no man can sit as a judge in his own case. Corr had asked in his court pleading, that the matter be sent up through channels for the Chief Justice in Washington, D.C., to especially assign a faraway Judge to sit in Chicago to hear and adjudicate Corr's corruption accusations against Judge Darrah.


(In an unrelated case, Judge Darrah has been accused of taking bribes in respect to litigation of the Illinois Tollway Authority, a state agency racked in the past by corruption. Also the current Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, in Chicago, Judge Joel M. Flaum [(312) 435-5626 ] was previously a Director of the Illinois Tollway and should have been sent to prison for bribery but by political clout, escaped punishment.)


Despite all that, Judge Darrah did not dispute the facts accusing him of fraud upon his own court and corruption; and sitting as a judge to rule on his own corruption, Darrah rejected Corr's Motion To Purge.


4. Aluminum industry cases. In a suburb of Chicago known as McCook, Michael W. Lynch owned and ran McCook Metals, employing some two thousand employees. Among other things, they had contracts to supply aluminum sheet and segments for U.S. fighter planes. Their competitor, Aluminum Company of America, ALCOA, had a dirty not too well remembered background.


The principal owners of ALCOA have been the Pittsburgh-based Mellon Family which were pro-Nazi and pro-Hitler and for many years past ran the U.S. Treasury. Right after Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, which drew Germany, as one of the Axis Powers, into declaring War on the U.S., ALCOA treasonously refused to immediately step up aluminum production for the emergency as needed for the production of U.S. fighters and bombers. 


British royalty's supposed "House of Windsor" is actually made up of German-based House of Hanover. At the time of World War Two, they were called the "Cliveden Set" and were convinced that the Nazis were going to win the War.


"British" Queen Elizabeth 2nd is actually from the German House of Hanover. Her father, King George 6th, was actually a Nazi and should have been imprisoned during World War Two for treason. These "British" royals are and have been major owners of the Chicago Tribune media empire. The Tribune gets their newsprint by way of a 19th Century charter, in perpetuity, from the King of England jointly with the Jesuits, from properties in Canada.


A major financier of McCook Metals was General Electric. Like the Mellons and ALCOA, G.E. has a long pro-Nazi past. G.E. greatly financed the rise of Adolf Hitler, as shown in documented studies. Allied bombers mysteriously avoided targeting G.E. electrical manufacturing facilities in Nazi Germany, which by the end of the War in 1945, were largely intact.


 It is no secret that the "British" Royals are historically viciously Anti-Irish Catholic and support the Queen's Irish Loyalists, the Orange, in using the Queen's secret political police, MI-5 and MI-6, to persecute the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland. A candid explanation for the periodic violence there. 


Michael W. Lynch is a devout Irish Catholic. Getting a handle on the facts, no one should be surprised, then, that the Chicago Tribune, principally owned by the Anti-Irish Catholic "British" Royals, and jointly for the purposes of ALCOA and General Electric, and the Tribune using rotten lies, were out to destroy McCook Metals and with it ruin the business reputation of Lynch.


They succeeded in pushing McCook Metals into the Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court.


Is it also necessary to point out that in the 1930s and 1940s, the Tribune was likewise heavily pro-Hitler? During World War Two, the Chicago Tribune knowingly published U.S. Military secrets, endangering U.S. troops and their movements, and interfering with the U.S. war effort. The traitorous Tribune should have been seized and closed down. 


MICHAEL W. LYNCH is a member of the Citizen's Committee To Clean Up The Courts, the Founder/Chairman of which since 1963, has been Sherman H. Skolnick. Using an outline of a Motion To Purge, long-since formulated and circulated by Skolnick, Lynch filed by Registered Mail, Insured, with Return Receipt Requested, to the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court and to the Deputy Court Clerk of Chief Bankruptcy Judge Eugene R. Wedoff [(312) 435-5644 ] 


Filed by Lynch was "Motion by Michael W. Lynch To Purge In The Instant Cases of Certain Orders, Judgments, and Rulings Because of Obstructions of Justice, Judicial Perjuries, and Fraud Upon The U.S. Bankruptcy Court Perpetrated By Chief Judge Eugene R. Wedoff Himself Upon His Own Court".


Lynch showed more than twenty five instances where Chief Judge Eugene R. Wedoff [(312) 435-5644 ] committed judicial perjuries---in plain language, straight out lies---and other frauds upon his own Court and obstructions of justice, while "acting under a malign if not corrupt influence". All done to destroy Michael W. Lynch and McCook Metals and to financially benefit ALCOA and General Electric.


In support of this, to prove that this happened, Lynch attached over one thousand pages of documents. On the day Lynch was to present this in Court, confronting Wedoff, the Chief Judge who previously was prompt, got on the Bench some forty minutes late. He lied when he said he had not seen or read the Motion To Purge. (After the hearing, Lynch interviewed Wedoff's Deputy Clerk who informed Lynch that the Chief Judge was in the room near the courtroom reading Lynch's Motion which had been receiverd by Wedoff's Clerk by Registered Mail, Insured, Return Receipt Requested.) 


Then Judge Wedoff proceeded to contradict himself by making statements that he had read the Motion To Purge.  Proceeding mafia-style which is to "dummy up", Judge Wedoff repeatedly stated that he does not understand any of this. Yet, the Motion is written in very plain English.


Lynch's Motion asks that the matter be sent up through channels to the Chief Justice in Washington, D.C., as provided by prior case law, for the Chief Justice to especially designate a faraway Judge, not from the 7th Circuit, to sit in Chicago to hear and determine the extra-ordinary situation. The faraway Judge is to call before his Court witnesses which Lynch lists, such as Judge Wedoff himself, as provided by prior case law cited by Lynch.


After a report is issued on the tainted, corruptly and fraudulently procured rulings of Judge Wedoff, that they are to be ordered purged from the court records by the faraway judge and that G.E. and ALCOA, and their attorneys, and those with them, be barred from the Court, as provided by prior case law cited by Lynch.


After admitting he did read Lynch's Motion To Purge, Chief Judge Wedoff did not dispute or challenge the facts therein, which are to be taken as true in the absence of challenge. Chief Judge Wedoff entered an Order rejecting Lynch's Motion To Purge. In so doing, Wedoff violated fundamental Anglo-Saxon Law, that no man can be a judge in his own case.



Chief Judge Wedoff is also the same Judge who has been hearing the United Air Lines bankruptcy where General Electric is the major creditor. The records in that case, like McCook Metals, show that Chief Judge Wedoff is operating under a "malign if not corrupt influence" making his court orders tainted and corruptly and fraudulently procured, as mandated by prior case law. 


To fraudulently and corruptly benefit G.E. in the United Air Lines case, Wedoff has been persecuting tens of thousands of UAL workers, slashing their wages, destroying their pension funds, and bringing inhumane sorrow to the workers. Yet, Wedoff is giving G.E. everything they want.


5. Chicago U.S. District Judge Mark R. Filip and the aluminum industry cases.


Some of the litigation involving Michael W. Lynch and McCook Metals was on the docket of Chicago U.S. District Judge Mark R. Filip [ (312) 435-5667.


On November 1, 2005, Lynch filed by Registered Mail, Insured, Return Receipt Requested. "Motion of Michael W. Lynch To Purge The Records In The Instant Cases of Certain Orders, Judgments, and Rulings Because Of Obstructions of Justice, Judicial Perjuries, and Fraud Upon The U.S. District Court Perpetrated By Judge Mark R. Filip Himself Upon His Own Court".


In The Motion To Purge, Lynch listed numerous judicial perjuries---straight out lies---committed by District Judge Mark R, Filip Himself, thus committing obstructions of justice and fraud upon his own court.  Lynch showed how Judge Filip was "acting under a malign if not corrupt influence" to financially benefit General Electric and ALCOA.


Lynch listed numerous instances of these happenings. To support his accusations, Lynch attached numerous documents. Also mentioned is that Mark R. Filip is linked to the bribery committee that bought high Democrat officials of southern Florida in the Electoral vote crisis of December, 2000 to stop the recount of the Gore ballots.


Thus the way was opened for reputed "court bagman", for Chicago and the District of Columbia, Theodore B. Olson, part of Filip's circle, to represent George W. Bush in Bush versus Gore before the U.S. Supreme Court.   Olson at the time was the law partner of Eugene Scalia, son of High Court Justice Antonin Scalia, leader of the Five Judge majority that arbitrarily and corruptly installed Bush as the Occupant and Resident of The Oval Office. Used for the corrupting of the "Gang of Five" on the High Court were secret funds of Coca-Cola and Disney, concealed by way of book-cooking by both entities and their officials.


Lynch's Motion To Purge, as shown by Lynch's Notice of Motion and Motion Slip Form, was set to be heard by Judge Filip on Tuesday, November 15, 2005. But when Lynch inquired of Judge Filip's office, no such Motion and accompanying papers were received by Judge Filip; the matter was "not on the docket".


Previously, Lynch discovered in checking the tracking and confirmation computer postings of the U.S. Postal Service, that Lynch's Registered Mail packages had somehow disappeared from the computer. When Lynch had a postal supervisor in  Lynch's local suburban Post Office, check with the Registered Mail team downtown, the packages were located. When Lynch asked why the packages were not delivered for two weeks, Lynch was informed, "We are not permitted to inform you". 


In a similar situation with documents relating to Coca-Cola and the bribery of Five U.S. Supreme Court Judges in Bush vs. Gore, a federal official admitted those packages were seized by Homeland Security and the FBI, purportedly because of "national security".


Those quite familiar with the current situation in the Dirksen Building in Chicago, site of the Federal Courts, contend it is of general knowledge all over the building by various office and courtroom employees, that there are serious accusations of corruption against several of the federal judges, including Judge Darrah, Chief Judge Wedoff, and Judge Filip.


An apparent prior front of silence is now split. Reliable sources contend that as many as seven federal judges have ostensibly split away from the more than fifty federal judges in the courthouse. The seven who are neither altruists nor "angels", are nevertheless to somehow save themselves, available to go before Federal Grand Juries to apparently finger other fellow judges for misdeeds, frauds upon their own court, judicial perjuries, obstructions of justice, and having received offshore parked "benefits" constituting bribery or malign influence.


One example is that unmasking Judge Filip could support a Federal Grand Jury finding that High Court Justice Antonin Scalia could be named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the bribery rackets that also involved the five in the High Court, now actually four with the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist. 


6. The matter of the International Business Consultant and Coca-Cola.


AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT who asked not to be named, was instrumental in assisting the putting together of Kolody's accusations of corruption and bribery as to the judges in the Federal Courthouse in Chicago and the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court that corruptly and arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the Occupant and Resident of the White House.


The once Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, left Congress amidst a scandal. Gingrich, of Atlanta, site of the headquarters of Coca-Cola, is financially tied to Coke. A google search shows many of these links. Such as, in Gingrich's 1996 campaign for Congress, Coca-Cola was the second largest contributor.


To directly stop the International Business Consultant, Gingrich apparently assisted a disloyal business partner of the Consultant to escape punishment after having misappropriated by false documents, more than Fifteen Million Dollars of the assets of the Consultant. Thanks to the political muscle and corrupt influence of Gingrich, all doors to the Federal Bureaucracy, such as the FBI, were closed so the Consultant could get no remedy, no federal criminal prosecution of his business partner-thief.


Brewster-Jennings has been an American CIA proprietary run, in part, by CIA deep covert operative Valerie Plame. Among others, they reportedly used college-professor types overseas, like Atlanta, Georgia based Newt Gingrich. Some posed as salesmen and other personnel of Coca-Cola, itself in part a CIA proprietary overseas. Some of their work ostensibly was quite corrupt and was opposed by foreign intelligence agencies, such as in Spain, Belgium, and Italy, that from time to time, ransacked Coke's offices and trucked away their records.


The supposed work of the CIA proprietary was to seek out Weapons of Mass Destruction, some having been abandoned, retrieve them, and bring them to places to be destroyed. The operations were financed, in part, by secret funds of Coca-Cola. Some of the operations were financed, in part, reportedly by the CIA proprietary getting involved in the dope smuggling trade used to penetrate certain foreign countries. Some operations were simply for raising corrupt funds for some of the team's operatives. 


Some of the college-professor types, active reportedly for Brewster-Jennings, like Newt Gingrich, active in overseas matters as to WMD, were also implicated, within the U.S.,  apparently in wrecking or neutralizing those who sued Coca-Cola in U.S. courts on civil claims. To prevent succcessful claims against Coca-Cola, Federal  judges were brought under malign influence such as financial or sexual perversion blackmail,  "leaned upon", and bribed through use of book-cooked funds of Coca-Cola. The Chief Federal Prosecutor in Coke's headquarters site, Atlanta, uncovered some of this while investigating the top brass of Coke as to  falsified financial records, relating to the Kolody matter and the corruption of five judges on the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore. Chickening out by what he apparently uncovered, the Prosecutor ostensibly scrapped the Federal Grand Jury inquiry and closed up the matter by a supposed settlement. This was just at the point when the Prosecutor's inquiry apparently led him to a major law firm, King & Spalding, reportedly representing, by means legal and illegal, and through apparent dirty tricks, the affairs of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola's overseas operations as an American CIA proprietary, such as Brewster-Jennings.


In plain and blunt terms, college-professor, Newt Gingrich, reputedly part of all this, has been implicated in destroying the financial viability of the International Business Consultant referred to herein, all for the purpose of blockading the Kolody case. The question remains among those close to the scene: was Robert E. Kolody murdered?  If so, who ordered it? The Judges?


7. Why "Patriot Acts" have been Invoked against the Judge-accusers.


As mentioned herein, the Judge-accusers include:


SHERMAN H. SKOLNICK who is also a co-host of Cloak and Dagger, magazine format as well as Internet Radio Worldwide with co-host Lenny Bloom of Toronto. 






INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT who wishes here not to be named but whose identity is certainly known to Homeland Security, the American Gestapo.




They have been designated, by the Bush White House, as U.S.-born citizens, as "Domestic Terrorists" for directly confronting, or seeking to directly confront, Federal Judges who they accuse of corruption. Homeland Security contends that this tends to interfere with the operation and credibility of the Federal Judiciary, such as in Chicago and at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.  


Most all Americans obey "Court Orders", whether taking away their Liberty, or Property, or Peace of Mind. As a result, the Federal Courts, for example, do not have to, so far, enforce their "Court Orders" by "bayonet law", where a Military unit would have to be sent in to guarantee that the "Court Order" as stated and written, is complied with by persons against whom the "Court Orders" operate. Large, corrupt corporate interests, so far, have been assured by the corrupt, politicized, venal "for sale" Federal Judiciary that their "Court Orders" will be enforced against the peons of America, the "shirtless ones".


In the current era, any supposed Insurrection of the American common folk, using the Second Amendment or otherwise, in opposition to the quiet enforcement and submission to Federal "Court Orders", will be met with brute military force, primarily by the several hundred thousand foreign troops almost permanently resident on U.S. soil, but little known to most Americans.


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