Tue May 17 20:49:24 PDT 2005 - #1 Recommendation, publish SPF! - by James
I've known for some time as a working group participant of the Canadian Task Force on Spam, and now what I wish to announce has finally its self been publicly announced.

On May 11, 2004 the Government of Canada announced the creation of a joint government / private sector task force to combat spam. This task force has facilitated the collaboration between the Government of Canada, industry, and consumer groups. The first task was to supply the Canadian Government with advice on how to proceed. This report was ratified at the end of 2004 and submitted to the Honourable David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry.

Contained within this report is a list of "Best Practices" for ISPs and the relevant industry to consider. The number one recommendation by this Task Force? Why, PUBLISH SPF RECORDS of course! You can read the full paper here in PDF format or in HTML format. You can read just the list of recommendations by clicking here.


Mon May 9 21:10:10 PDT 2005 - libspf in Gentoo portage tree - by James
libSPF is now finally in the Gentoo portage tree! Thanks to Pfiefer from the Gentoo team for taking the time to do this!

Sun May 8 07:32:53 PDT 2005 - libspf-1.0.0-p3 release - by James
libspf-1.0.0-p3 is now available for download. It fixes two important things from a correctness standpoint, which will impact in particular those who were employing complex SPF queries. Firstly a proper fix for the %{o} macro has been put into place (thank you Michael Elliott for the patch). Secondly some other behaviour Michael was noticing led me to discover a bug with the exists mechanism that would only be problematic if you were doing and 'exists' within an 'include' and your 'exists' happened to be non-existent. A full explanation is in the changelog.

In other news my UPS batteries have died from my APC SmartUPS 1400. If anyone can donate new battieries it would be appreciated!

Almost there!

Thu Apr 28 19:50:10 PDT 2005 - libspf 1.0.0-p2 release - by James
libspf-1.0.0-p2 is now available for download. It fixes autoconf issues with OpenBSD, FreeBSD and GCC 2.95.x and includes a proper fix for the mail from: quick fix I put into p1 to stop the 1 byte memory leak that was happening occaisonally.

I'm working on p3 right now and hope to actually get it out before I go to bed, so if you have feed back and haven't already sent it in, please don't hesitate to fire something off now :-)

Wed Apr 27 10:17:23 PDT 2005 - Great feedback, p2 release soon! - by James
I have received lots of great feedback, more than I anticipated so the release planned for Tuesday I will merge with Wednesdays and will release this evening.

Mon Apr 25 06:54:47 PDT 2005 - libSPF 1.0.0 final - by James
It is my intent to release libSPF 1.0.0 final some time during this week depending on what feedback I get from the various contributors and users. Each day I will be putting up a tarball build release starting with pre-1. Each day until I'm happy I will post a new "pre-x" release.

You can grab the pre-1 release from here or from the files section. Pre-1 is running very well with almost all issues that have been submitted over the weekend being autoconf ones. Pre-1 contains important fixes and its the most stable release that has been made available to date outside of the aforementioned AutoTools problems.

Fri Mar 25 02:21:55 PST 2005 - Outages, server move - by James
I've moved libspf.org (website) to a temporary 1.5Mbit connection and additionally the DNS has also moved. This has resulted in some slow downs and a literal outage for some. Sorry for the inconvenience, things will slowly return to normal over the weekend. Hopefully none of you notice this until Monday since you are enjoying a nice holiday weekend!

Thu Mar 10 08:10:30 PST 2005 - CVS server temporarily not available - by James
CVS is temporarily not available. You can grab a tarball of the most recent ch eckout here. Sorry for the inconvenience I are in the m iddle of moving some machines around. If you can provide rsync+httpd+perl+cvsd and are willing to aide in provid ing a real-time mirror of this sight please drop myself an e-mail.

Fri Mar 4 06:26:55 PST 2005 - DNS behaviour change in CVS - by James
Although I originally intentionally used 'res_search' instead of 'res_query' throughout the DNS functionality within libSPF it has been brought to my attention that this is in violation of RFC2821 and in view of this changes necessary to facilitate adhearance to the RFC2821 guidelines have been made and are available in CVS. Full details of why this is so can be found on the Debian bug trackinglist. Since I happen to make use of the functionality afforded through the use of 'res_search' (name queries will follow 'default' and 'search' rules found in resolv.conf) I've decided to leave the functionality in, which can be enabled through the AutoConf flag '--enable-res-search'. Thanks to Marc Lehman for his submission.

Mon Feb 7 09:47:46 PST 2005 - qmail patch fix in CVS - by James
I've just checked in a commit which basically equates to a one byte change but makes a world of difference for users of Outhouse Express when passing through a qmail server and using libSPF. The previously applied change to the qmail patch was supposed to be '\n' instead it was placed as '\r\n' which was being added after the 'Received-SPF:' header. It hasn't caused problems with any MUA's I or others I know use, but apparently it causes messages to only be displayed up to just before the message body making the mail appear empty (although upon viewing the message source you'll find its all there). Sorry for the inconvenience, but somehow I just can't find the time to fit Outhouse Express into my testing setup.

There will be at least one more commit to CVS to complete the RC6 release and as previously indicated then binaries will be made available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tue Feb 1 05:58:32 PST 2005 - Macro bug fixes in CVS - by James
A checkin of code I've just done fixes a macro bug thats been bothering some of you and includes a couple other fixes submitted by Michael Elliot whom I'd like to thank again for his diligence in getting ahold of me and the exceptional content of his bug submissions that yielded a quick turn around on fixes. Binary and source tarballs will be up later today as RC6 final.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I left my job and went out of the Frying Pan and into the Furnance as regards busy work schedules so to speak. I'll be slowly more and more available over the next couple weeks. Hope everyone is having a good year so far, here we are already into the second month!

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