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Diversity = Death

Stories about the consequences of non-white immigration.
The Marxist Rabbi
“More significantly, he was the first Jewish religious leader to meet regularly with the leading Jewish members of the African National Congress. They were for the most part Marxist, but Harris did not allow this to put him off. Through them came contact with Mandela. The two men took to each other instantly and that early liking matured into a deep mutual attachment.”
The Myth of the Ugly Jew
For many centuries Whites seem to have felt an instinctive repulsion for Jews. This gallery shows part of the reason why.
Vot’s In It For Us, Goyim?
The two candidates for leadership of the British Conservative party compete to demonstrate their grovelling submission to a foreign race and foreign country (copied from the Conservative Friends of Israel site).
Where There’s Sleaze...
There’s Jews. Here are just three of them.
Bliar’s Britain
Stories about the race-treachery of Tony Blair and his government.
The Longest Hatred
The booklet they tried to ban – an examination of who has really done the hating in the age-old conflict between Jew and Gentile.
Big Gob Bob
Details of Bob Geldof’s Jewish ancestry.
A Jew Called Whine
The head of the Community Security Trust speaks out after the London bombings.
Short-Changed Crowd Riots
Only in Africa.
George, John and the Jews
George Orwell and John Buchan comment on the Chosen Ones.
Last night John Peel saved my life
A race idiot pays tribute to a bigger race idiot.
Offensive Images
The Muhammad cartoons and more.
The Kamlesh Bahl Affair
The true story of a famous British “racism” scandal.
Jokes about Jews
Dozens of (mostly) clean jokes, chosen at random.
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