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Freemasonry in the Life and Times... (original cover)Freemasonry in the Life and Times of Pope Pius IX (1950)

“The visible leaders of Masonry — and of all the secret societies subsidiary to it — are never the real leaders! For beyond the visible leaders there is an inner circle whose members are hidden and unknown to the public. Beyond this inner circle, there is another, still more secret ring. At last, at the very top, there sits the lone head and his small — six at most — carefully chosen coterie of advisers, who direct the invisible government, not only of Masonry, but of the world.”
Designs Of The Jews On Art And Architecture
“Just enter any of the brand-new churches your local bishop has lately erected with the help of a Jewish fund-raising expert. You will notice that Our Blessed Lady has been streamlined, the Stations of the Cross have been reduced to fourteen studies in abstract composition, and the Crucifix has been distorted into some weird sub-human shape.”
The Waters of Salvation (1952)
“THE Catholic Faith in the United States of America is always academically ascribed to the Baltimore Catechism. The Baltimore Catechism was confected at the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, by a group of American Bishops under the control and influence of James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore. James Cardinal Gibbons was a Catholic prelate who did not hesitate to get up before a Methodist congregation, in a Methodist Church, and give a supposedly Catholic sermon while reading from a Protestant Bible!”
London Is A Place (1951)
“When the Jew from the Holy Land went to the Rhineland, he found Christian corruptions there to ease his conscience and soothe his religious nostalgias. This gave the Jew his chance to be a mental Messiah, and to start a procession of prophetic intellectualism that has lasted down to our day. The climax came when an apostate Catholic from Austria ran into Germany with a queer mustache, took over the militia, and out-Jewed the Jews. He became the super-German. And that was the end of Germany.”
Leonard Feeney Omnibus (1943)
“Another contemporary, H. G. Wells, offered hope that sanity might blossom in some brain of the future. Chesterton was quick to analyze this mixture of biology and guesswork masquerading as prophecy, and he exposed it to relentless ridicule. In the end he made more of a monkey out of Wells than Evolution ever had.”
Bread of Life (1952)
“I am not going to depart from the teachings of Jesus Christ and the infallible definitions which safeguard those teachings, given to us by the Holy Roman Pontiffs of the Catholic Church, no matter how little it pleases people who, because of doctrinal weaknesses in their Faith, like to have religion an evasive, pushed-to-the-side, interfaith affair!”
A Latter-Day Athanasius (Fr Feeney Biography)
“One day, the world will know and embrace the One True Faith. We know this because Our Lord assured us. And when it does, it will acknowledge its debt to Father Feeney for having shown us that only in and by that Faith can there be true unity.”
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