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                           A N A G R A M

               by John Walker (
                             Version 1.0
                              March 2002

ANAGRAM is a program which finds anagrams (based on a standard
dictionary used in that crossword game whose name can't be
spoken without summoning lawyers) for a phrase you specify.

For information on how to build and install the program, see
the INSTALL file.  Source code for this program is written in
the CWEB "Literate Programming" language in which C source code
and TeX internal documentation are maintained in a the *.w
files. CWEB programming tools may be downloaded from:

but you do *not* need to install the CWEB tools to build this
program; a ready-to-compile C program is included.  An annotated
source code listing is provided in the file anagram.pdf, which may
be read with Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from:

The latest version of this program may be downloaded

Please report any bugs or documentation errors to: